Production facilities

The company’s production facilities are in lush natural vegetation and landscaped parks. The company carries out its entire activity through a closed cycle of production with the exception of the import of day-old breeding chicks of the most productive hybrids: ISA BROWN from the Institut de Selection Animale (ISA) of France.

Farms and production units

The individual farms and production units are specialized and discrete. A permanent working staff is assigned to them.
Most of the premises are new and renovated, with modern equipment and facilities, meeting the requirements for humane breeding and feeding.
Water supply, feeding and egg collection are fully automated.

Organizational and production structure

The organizational and production structure includes the following components: a rearing farm, which consists of a started pullet parents sector, a layer parents sector, and a hatchery; a four-sector commercial started pullets farm; a commercial layer farm with a capacity for 700,000 birds; a packing station for grading, sorting and shipment of eggs to the market.

The ZORA farms follow the European standards and veterinary requirements.

Auxiliary units

Auxiliary units: two steam plants,
a motor vehicles repair shop, equipment maintenance units.
For many years now, the company has also been farming over 3,500 ha of leased
and own land intended to produce its own feed grain.

Annual production

Annual production capacity currently stands at 140,000,000 eggs for the market. About 700 000 birds
are reared on an average annual basis. Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD guarantees a superior quality of its products, achieved and controlled though the best European methods. The company brand assures integrity in relations with customers and business partners