The poultry dressing plant for consumer eggs in the village of Donchevo was established by Council of Ministers Decision № 372 dated 4 September 1964. The first Director was Maxim Popov.

1965, august

The enterprise became a self-financing profit centre since August 1965. It was incorporated into the Sofia-based Rodopa State Economic Corporation. Its objects were breeding and raising layer hens for production of consumer and hatching eggs, selffinanced construction, trade in live chicks, eggs and day-old chicks.

1965, september

The enterprise went into operation on 24 September 1965, when the first batch of 5,958 chicks was received. Right from its inception, the company has tapped the forefront European and world experience in poultry breeding.


Seven years later, the poultry population reached nearly 400,000 and the annual eggs production 55,000,000.


On 1 October 1975 the company merged with similar enterprises in the region into a Combined Works for Production and Processing of Poultry and Eggs, headquartered in the village of Donchevo.


In 1990 the Combined Works were transformed into Yaitza i Ptitzi – Dobrudja State-Owned Company of Dobrich. Later on, in became Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD /Eggs and Poultry – ZORA Joint-Stock Company/ of the village of Donchevo.