Social, educational, health-related, sports and artistic activities

Shortly after the establishment of the farm for laying hens and eggs in the village of Donchevo in 1965, it turned into an important driving force for the social, educational, health-related, sports and artistic activities in the village. Donchevo was reinstated as part of Bulgaria on 25 September 1940. Its Bulgarian name from 1941 to 1947 was Knyaz Simeon.

Infrastructural projects, sports teams

Eggs and Poultry ZORA AD has promoted and helped a large number of infrastructural projects in Donchevo and its vicinities. The sports teams of the village have won many municipal and district championships.

Local folklore ensembles

The local folklore ensembles have won awards at national and international competitions. People working at Eggs and Poultry ZORA AD, Donchevo, and their children and relatives have often been the main participants in sports teams and artistic groups in the village. Our company has been an active benefactor and promoter of the Bulgarian traditions in the village of Donchevo and of its contemporary development in united Europe.

Junior golf

Our company is among the foremost sponsors of junior golf in Dobrudzha and Bulgaria.