About us

The quality of eggs

The quality of eggs is guaranteed through a wholesome pure plant-besed feeding formula that excludes products of animal origin. The company’s packing station is Bulgaria’s first that meets all requirements of the European market. This is a prerequisite for high-quality grading, control, sorting and packaging of eggs for both the home and international market.

“Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA” JSC

ZORA AD /Eggs and Poultry – ZORA JSC/ is legal person, incorporated as a wholly privately owned joint-stock company, with over 300 shareholders, with many of its employees among them. The registered office and the production enterprise are in the village of Donchevo, region of Dobrich.

Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD of the village of Donchevo is Bulgaria’s largest producer of eggs for consumption. The company’s competitively priced and high-quality products are familiar in the market and favourite with consumers. A sizable part of the output is sold through the commodity markets In Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Pazardjik and Stara Zagora.

Supplier of major hypermarket chains

Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD is a principal supplier of major hypermarket chains such as KAUFLAND, LIDL, METRO, BILLA, FANTASTICO and many other. The company supplies the main Black Sea and winter resorts. On the external market, the company faces stiff competition. Its produce is exported only after the needs of the Bulgarian market have been met. Thanks to the excellent quality of its eggs, Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD has brought the poultry-rearing conditions into conformity with the statutory instruments issued in the field of poultry breeding and aligned with the EU Directives.


Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD is located 1 km from the centre of the village of Donchevo, 3 km from the intersection of the Dobrich-Shoumen and Silistra-Varna roads, 5 km from Dobrich and 50 km from Varna.