The company

The core activity

The core activity of the company is: Production, processing and domestic and international trade in consumer eggs and
hatching eggs, day-old chicks, poultry, poultry products, and farming activities.

The company is the largest producer of eggs for consumption in Bulgaria and for export. Ever since its establishment, the company has projected
a fine image among its customers, and is a houselhold name on both the home and foreign market.

For years now, along with its core activity, the company has been growing cereals on over 3,500
hectares of leased and own land, so as to produce its own feed grain.


Our company has the following advantages over its comperetitors in the domestic and international market:


steady year-round production, closed production cycle

high quality of the eggs produced

an assortiment of packagings available

a large volume of output and competitive pricing

The quality of eggs

The quality of eggs is guaranteed through a wholesome pure plant-besed feeding formula that excludes products of animal origin. The company’s packing station is Bulgaria’s first that meets all requirements of the European market. This is a prerequisite for high-quality grading, control, sorting and packaging of eggs for both the home and international market.